🏡 Welcome to an insightful conversation with Mayor Kevin Ashe of Pickering, hosted by Saman Habibi! 🏡 We dive deep into the pressing issues surrounding Toronto and Canadian housing, focusing on the rapidly growing City of Pickering. 🏠 As the Durham region’s population expands, Mayor Kevin Ashe addresses the city’s preparedness for the housing demand, especially in newer neighbourhoods like Seaton where school options are limited. 🏘️ Explore the impact of Bill23, allowing additional dwelling units in Pickering, and Mayor Kevin Ashe’s perspective on encouraging this initiative. 🛑 Uncover the intricacies of short-term rentals and potential by-laws to regulate them, considering recent federal government statements impacting income tax deductions. 💼 Mayor Kevin Ashe shares high-level insights into employment opportunities with developments like Durham Live, Kubota, Wonderbrands, and the Pickering City Centre. Delve into the significance of Commercial/Industrial Development, discussing tax revenue and the importance it holds. ✈️ Get the latest updates on Pickering Airport and its implications on Seaton’s development. Mayor Kevin Ashe provides a quick summary for and against the airport, considering the progress made in the last five years. 📈 Gain valuable perspectives on recent Bank of Canada news and Mayor Kevin Ashe’s stance on potential rate cuts to ease the burden of home ownership. 🤔 Mayor Kevin Ashe shares his last words for anyone contemplating a move to the City of Pickering, offering valuable insights into the community’s future. 👉 Like, share, and subscribe for more Toronto real estate insights! 🏠📊 #TorontoRealEstate #MarketAnalysis #2024forecast

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